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Randall Hackford Family

Family tree information will be coming when I find the time to put it all together.  

If you have a Randall line back through William Randall (1609- 1693) to John Randall- William Randall- Nehemiah Randall- Caleb Randall- Jonathan Randall- Levi Randall- George Randall- Henry Randall- George L. Randall- George E. Randall--- then we are cousins!

If you have a William Hackford (from Herefordshire England) to Thomas Hackford- Arthur Hackford- Enric Hackford---- then are cousins!

William Hackford was convicted of stealing a horse and sentenced to transportation for life to Australia (Van Diemen's Land) so I have an Austrailian branch in the family!

If you are a cousin, you can find the Randall-Hackford tree on Ancestry.com (yes, there are still some errors) or e-mail me.

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