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Barbara is continually developing new workshops so if you don't see a desired workshop listed here, in the list of available presentations or in her brochure, contact her. Fees and other arrangements are negotiable.

Click here for a full list of available presentations.    

Please provide the following:  podium or table; microphone for large rooms/audiences; projector/screen preferred.

Barbara will provide laptop; pdf master for handouts; projector/screen if needed.

Barbara can develop a workshop tailored to your needs.      

Partial Workshop List:

Weaving the Research Quilt    
Intertwine all of your research to create the patchwork of your ancestor.  Use this to write the story of your ancestor or to identify gaps in your research. Learn how to use your information to piece the quilt together.

El Regalo Real- Spain’s Contribution to the American Revolution  
Spain was integral to the American victory, although few Spaniards fought on American soil. You may have Spanish patriots but proving could be a challenge.  
Are You Registered?… Using the National Register of Historic Places    
Applications for the registration of historic locations can be a resource to add context to your research. The National Historic Register may be for a single building or an area. Applications contain background, maps, pictures and resources. And they are accessible!

All Aboard! Staying on Track with Your Research   
Genealogists are told to track their research but finding the strategies and system that works can be a bigger challenge than researching ancestors. Make your organization easier and efficient.

Beyond the Passenger List
Finding your ancestors on a passenger is only the first step.  How can you use that information to put your ancestors in context?  What was their story?  The workshop explores strategies and resources that may help to complete the story of your ancestor.

Transported! Convict Records
Hundreds were transported from Britain for crimes in the 18th and 19th centuries. Learn about the records created, how to find them and what life was life for our convict ancestors.

Are Your Ancestors Playing Hide and Seek?
Ancestors can be difficult to find. There are strategies and sources to use when the obvious doesn’t work. Knowing how to widen the scope of your research can bring them out of hiding. (NY, CT, RI, MA, VT but strategies apply to all.)

Census Makes Sense  
The census is a great tool to start your family research but don’t stop at the names. There’s more than one type of census. Find out what a census can tell you about how your ancestors lived and who they know.  

Writing Memoirs... Or Making Memories for Forever
Memoirs that are enjoyable to read are more than a recalled memory.  The techniques of writing are not a secret.  Learn how to share your memories, life, personality with family and generations to come!

Nil Se Blarney (It's Not Blarney): Irish Records   
Irish Records are available and many are available online.  More are becoming available each day but there are challenges to Irish research and the myths that they don't exist persist.

Whizz Bang!  World War I Records   

Looking for an ancestor in World War I? A little research on the war, a few basic strategies and information should grow like poppies.

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