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Any stories, essays, articles posted here are for reading only.  
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GPS for Speakers  Genealogical Speakers Guild newsletter, June 2017.

Local History Is Your History  Using local history can assist in locating information or research possibilities on your ancestors and adding context to their lives.  Published in The Searcher.

Requiem of  a Teacher  If you were a teacher near retirement, how do you think you'd see your career and the state of education?  This essay explores some of Barbara's musings over her 29 years of teaching.  Barbara has taught all grade levels K-12 as a special education teacher in New York state and California.  This essay won First Place in California in the Daughters of American Revolution (DAR) Women's Issues- Career contest.

Meet My Great Grandpa Arthur Family lore said Arthur drank too much and lost the farm.  Genealogy proved at least some of this story was not true (will probably never know his drinking habits) and uncovered the many good things he did in his life.  Arthur Hackford contributed much to his community and touched the lives of many.  This essay won Honorable Mention in the 2010 GENii contest and was published in the The Searcher.

Family Recipes Eight women in the family contributed to the collection of family recipes in the Hackford line of the family.  Many of these recipes are included in this book.  Also included are the lineage, photo album and brief biographical sketches.

British Isles Family History Society- USA Journal

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